Spirulina Nutrient Media: Grows 1000 Liters of Culture (264 Gallons)

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This liquid nutrient mix is an excellent growth promoter for culturing spirulina microalga. Just add alkaline water and grow up to 1000 liters of spirulina!

Made in the USA.

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Spirulina Nutrient Media: Grows 1000 Liters of Culture (264 Gallons)

This spirulina nutrient media is a modification of the media from Aiba, S. & Ogawa, T. (1977) and Schlösser 1994, which is a tested and proven formula for Spirulina cultivation.

Using this nutrient media, you will have good rates of growth and be able to maintain replete nitrogen concentrations and thus a high protein content in your final product.


Get your students/kids to start growing their Spirulina culture. Spirulina can be grown in the classroom or even at home. We have multiple strains of Spirulina you can choose from. Different strains have a different preference in water quality. Included will be the essentials needed to grow algae and then allow the research and experimenting begin!

How to Use this Spirulina Nutrient Media?

  • Prepare your alkaline water in advance. You can use different types of salts for this purpose.
  • pH10 would be sufficient to keep contaminants out of your growth tank.
  • Per each liter of alkaline water, add 1ml of spirulina nutrient media and steer well.
  • Add this liquid to your spirulina culture as a starter.

About the seller

Algae Research Supply is a small group of teachers and scientists trying to educate the planet, with the mission of promoting the understanding of our universe through the application of the scientific method.

In addition, we also aim to save the planet, one box at a time. Algae Research Supply hopes to contribute to our environment by using quality recycled boxes and to minimize the ecological footprint of our operation.

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Additional Information

  • Size: 9 x 4″ x 4″
  • Ready to use liquid
  • Alkali salts are not included.

Produced by Algae Research & supply in California, USA

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  1. Cesar A. Gonzalez

    The products sold by Algae Research Supply are of the highest quality I have encountered. I will continue to buy from this company and with them nothing but great success.

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