Live Spirulina from Israel- 500ml



This live spirulina culture from Israel is a resistant and well maintained strain of arthrospira platensis, grown indoors under led lights and fed with natural nutrients as described in “Be the medicine- A guide to growing organic Spirulina at home”.

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Live Spirulina from Israel- 500ml

Packed with protein, phycocyanin content and a variety of vitamins and minerals for good health, this spirulina from Israel provides a perfect start off for science projects in all shapes and sizes. Given the right conditions, it will multiply by a rate of 25% every day, allowing you to start harvesting within approximately 2 weeks.

Things you should know

  • Available throughout Israel by mail delivery or local pickup (Jerusalem).
  • Due to customs regulations, we may not be able to deliver to locations outside Israel. Please enquire before you place your order.
  • Packed in a sealed plastic bottle.
  • Price is per 500ml.

More information on how to grow spirulina can be found in our guidebooks and calculators section.
More information on how to harvest spirulina can be found in this blog post.


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