Video Consultation Session for Spirulina Growers, with Natan Gammer


These sessions are aimed for Spirulina Growers who are seeking to expand their farms, find solutions to specific problems and reach new market opportunities.

Price below in USD is per one hour consultation call

Video Consultation Session for Spirulina Growers, with Natan Gammer

Natan Gammer – Director, CEO, Expert Cultivator

  • CEO at Spirulina.Network Ltd.
  • Director at Spiru Network Pv. ltd. (India)
  • an Architect of Positive Change
  • Expert on cultivation methods and optimized environmental Conditions for the successful cultivation of Spirulina indoors micro-farms and outdoor commercial setups.

Are you planning to start your own spirulina production?

Gain a clear Vision and detailed strategy to achieve your long term business goals with Natan Gammer, a professionally trained agent of positive change, with a strong and wide business background and a burning passion for algae!

A creative and entrepreneurial individual, Natan will help you plan your project from start to finish, including the technical, scientific and financial aspects of your spirulina production facility. Sessions are held online via Skype or Zoom. Price is for a 1 hour of consultation.

About Natan Gammer

Pro-active, organized, a strategic thinker, with highly developed verbal and written communication skills. Over 15 years of professional experience in sales, sales management, sales strategies, marketing, personnel staff management and recruitment, business development, Business Consulting, project management and entrepreneurship.

  • International business development experience in the United States (2009-2004)
  • Fostering fruitful trade relations across Israel and the USA
  • Technological background, knowledge and experience in software development architectures, and web development
  • Rich experience in teaching and training individuals and groups on a number of different platforms, including training of personnel
  • Experienced in the spirulina Business & algae industry


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