Term: Cation

is simple words, Cation is a metallic element with a positive charged ion.

a positively charged ion that would be attracted to the cathode in electrolysis.


Cations as used in common spirulina culture medium formulas:

Sodium 4380 mg/l
Potassium 642  mg/l
Magnesium 10mg/l
Calcium 10 mg/l
Iron 0.8 mg/l


Comparison chart

Anion versus Cation comparison chart
Edit this comparison chart Anion Cation
Definition An anion is an atom or a molecule which is negatively charged, i.e. has more number of electrons than protons. A cation is an atom or a molecule which is positively charged, i.e. has more number of protons than electrons.
Charge Negative Positive
Examples (O2-), sulfide (S2-), fluoride (F-), chloride (Cl-), bromide (Br-), iodide (I-), nitride (N3-) and hydride (H-) sodium (Na+), Iron (Fe2+), and Lead (Pb2+)
Etymology The Greek word ano (up) The Greek word kata (down)
Electrode attracted to during electrolysis Anode Cathode
Type of element a nonmetal a metal
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